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I can throw the ball further and I don’t get nervous hitting anymore.”



“I had a lot of fun. I want to be a Packer one day!”

Proudly Serving Local Youth
The Healdsburg Prune Packers are proud to offer memorable and fun baseball skills camps. Our goal is to promote and encourage youth participation in local competitive baseball, particularly economically disadvantaged youth, by providing them with role models from the Healdsburg Prune Packers baseball team.

We Need Your Help!
We invite you to become one of our valued Sponsors or Donors, to help us continue our mission. We thank you for your generous support, and for empowering us to make a positive contribution to our community!

Parent Testimonials
"Over the years our son has participated in the Mark West little league camp the Prune Packers have put on. To be able to be taught by Division 1 collegiate athletes has been a dream come true for our baseball player. The experience our son got out of these camps is something we never could’ve imagined. He became a better baseball player by attending, but what was more impressive is he learned hard work, dedication and focus can take him very far in life. There’s a lot of fundamentals being taught, but there is also a lot of fun going on in these camps. Our son learned the importance of asking questions, especially if he didn’t understand how the drill worked or what the drill was for. We absolutely love these camps and encourage all players young and old to try it out! Believe me when I say your baseball player will thank you and remember it forever!!"
-Kevin and Kellie Wood

GM/Head Coach Joey Gomes with Camp Participants

Healdsburg Wonder League with Packer Pete!

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