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At historic Recreation Park, home of the Healdsburg Prune Packers, we strive to provide a safe, comfortable, and memorable sports experience for all our guests. The management is dedicated to upholding a high standard of conduct to ensure everyone enjoys the games. We reserve the right to deny entry or remove any individual from the premises if they engage in conduct deemed inappropriate by management, event staff, or security.

Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to:

No outside food or beverages
Any action that creates a safety risk
Unauthorized resale of tickets, including scalping
Use of seats as standing platforms
Intoxication or disorderly behavior
Engaging in or inciting fights
Indecent exposure
Disrupting the game in any way
Unauthorized throwing or discharging of objects or liquids
Profanity or other offensive language
Taunting or using offensive language against players, referees, or staff
Unauthorized access to the field, non-public, or VIP areas
Occupying seats without the appropriate tickets
Actions that disturb other guests’ enjoyment of the game
Smoking outside designated areas
Non-compliance with directions from facility personnel
Violating local, state, or federal laws


Any guest who fails to comply with these policies may face suspension of their privileges. Guests removed for violating these guidelines will not receive a refund or any compensation. We appreciate your cooperation and hope you enjoy every moment with the Healdsburg Prune Packers.

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