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Prune Packer Baseball: A COMMUNITY TRADITION SINCE 1921

In February 1921, the Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce created Recreation Park and by April 1921, the Prune Packers were born.


From the Feb. 10, 1921 Healdsburg Tribune:

"Healdsburg is to have a regularly organized baseball team soon it is promised. Rollo McCord is at the head of the movement to bring this popular sport back into favor in Healdsburg, and he is getting good material together for the team. 
The Chamber of Commerce is back of the movement and has shown its good support by leasing the ground at the corner of University and Piper streets for a ball field.  The ground will be scraped and leveled and will make a first-class field. It has been two or three years since Healdsburg has maintained a good team, and fans have been obliged to go elsewhere to enjoy their favorite sport."

Following is a reprint with permission from The Sonoma Historian (2021) on the history of the Healdsburg Prune Packers:

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