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What up Pack, I’m Andrew Vaughn and just wanted to share a few things about The 'Burg.


The set up in Healdsburg makes for some great atmosphere and fun games. The fans show out to support day in and day out of the summer.


Joey gets the guys right that make the trip to wine country. Plenty of fun is had and quality work gets put in.


I learned a lot about myself as a player and as a person in my summer with The 'Burg. The Pack wins and winning is the best thing in sports.


There are lots of memories to be made in the burg. Go Pack!

Cal Berkeley
2018 Golden Spikes Award
Packers '14
1st Round Chicago White Sox


Growing up in Petaluma, Healdsburg was a perfect fit for me to go and play summer ball. When I first got to the stadium the first thing I noticed was the old school look of the baseball field. The stadium has a lot of character to it. It’s got an awesome old grandstand that wraps around home plate. Left field is really short and expands out to center, which is around 430 feet. This was also the first time I played on a team where we had our own clubhouse which is a good experience before getting into professional baseball. The stadium is right up the street from downtown Healdsburg which has a bunch of great restaurants and bars to go out too after the team gets a W. During the summertime the little town of Healdsburg is energized with tourists coming out to go wine-tasting, throw their bridal shower, or other locals coming for a fun night out.


I spent three summers playing for the prune packers and every year we had a winning record. It was a perfect mix of enjoying summer ball, having fun but also winning and getting better at the same time. This was the first team I played on where I had teammates from other states. That helped open my eyes and see competition from all over the country.


The coaching staff led by Joey Gomes puts a different perspective on how you see the game. You learn to play with a subtle swagger in your game which I still use today. I’ve had a lot of coaches growing up and there’s always a few that stick out. Joey Gomes is definitely one of those few that have put an impact in my game. If you’re looking for a summer team or trying to decide where to play summer ball  you can’t beat the pack you’ll have a great time while learning along the way. 

Packers '14, '15, '16
20th Round KC Royals
Miami Marlins


Playing for Joey in Healdsburg turned my baseball career around.

After multiple injuries and a few frustrating years in college, I found my love for baseball again playing for the Pack.


I had an unbelievable host family and loved being in the Burg for two summers. It’s an amazing community and the fans love the Prune Packers.


Along with that, you get a world class manager, in Joey, that you won’t get with another collegiate summer ball team.


There is no better place to play than in Healdsburg for Joey and the Prune Packers

Santa Clara University
Packers '15, '16 
8th Round San Diego Padres


Playing for the Healdsburg Prune Packers is easily the most important piece to my success and development leading up to the MLB draft.


I got to play the game I love right in my backyard as I matured as a player and person learning from Joey Gomes. He recruits some of the best talent in the country and creates an environment with a winning culture.


While the goal of the summer is to hoist the trophy, the level of commitment Joey gives to developing and teaching his players is just as important.


Players return to school more confident, poised, and with a better understanding of the game of baseball based on his experiences within the game. I’m grateful to have been a Prune Packer!

Arizona State University
Rawlings 2022 Gold Glove Recipient
Packers '19, '20
3rd Round Cleveland Guardians


Healdsburg is the best place a college baseball player could end up! It is a beautiful area and a great community.


On top of that, the Prune Packers are one of the best summer baseball teams in the country. It is a winning environment and a great place to develop as a player.

Joey helps get the most out of anybody who is willing to buy in and hoping to get better.

Any player given the opportunity to play in Healdsburg is very lucky, and will not be disappointed!

Cal Berkeley
Packers '20
1st Round Baltimore Orioles


Healdsburg was a place that helped shape me into the player and person that I am today. The community of Healdsburg was behind us and behind everything Joey did. The field and facilities we were provided were plenty for us and we never had complaints. We would get nice crowds at our home games and the more we won the more the fans were locked into the games. Healdsburg was one of those places where the fans at the games are real baseball fans.

Our team was tight on and off the field because we were all on the same page with the same goals. Our goals were simply to get better every day and win. I made relationships with guys on that team that i will always stay in touch with. Joey taught us how to work the right way, how to win together, and how to be a pro. He emphasizes routine the most because not just in baseball but in any direction in life you go, having a solid routine is how you perfect your craft. Joey more than anything teaches guys how to believe in themselves and have confidence in their own ways.

When I went to play for Healdsburg I had just come off of being cut from University of Miami, transferring to Texas Tech to sit out and not play for a year. Joey took me in like family and did everything he could to make me better mentally and physically in my personal way. Every guy he coaches he treats them as their own man and makes everyone better as a player and person. To this day I still keep in touch with Joey and I’m very thankful to have had the experience to play for him.

Texas Tech
All-American, Top SS in College Baseball
Packers '19
4th Round Atlanta Braves


University of Houston

Packers '15, '16, '17
4th Round Philadelphia Phillies


I was fortunate enough to play for the Prune Packers. Growing up in Sonoma County there was a lot of buzz coming out of Healdsburg and any aspiring college or professional player wanted to be a part of it.


My first season was awesome, being a part of some of the most talented kids around the country and playing in Historic Rec Park. Once the season ended I realized there was no better place to play than Healdsburg. My second year I ended up staying with the best host family so I could spend as much time in Healdsburg as possible.


The team and professional atmosphere was special and Joey Gomes created a culture that brought memories and insight into the game that molded me into the person I am today. I wouldn’t be where I’m at in my career today without the help from Joey Gomes and the summer nights at Rec Park.


Cal Berkeley
Packers '18, '19

8th Round San Francisco Giants

Healdsburg in my eyes is the best summer ball location to find yourself at. I will always be grateful to the McDonald family.


I needed every second of the Burg to reach where I am today. Joey taught the players how to simplify the game while dominating every attribute.


Joey brings the Packers to the ship annually, and as a team we learned the drive needed to win. ‘The Burg’ created a family every summer not just the players but trainers, host families, snack shack attendants, etc.


We learn how to appreciate and respect those around us, while giving 100% for Joey and the Packers. It was an experience that was critical to many players developments, including myself.


Thank you for everything!


University of Tennessee
Packers '21, '22
2022 Perfect Game Fr. All-American 
2022 Collegiate Baseball Fr. All-American  
2022 SEC All -Fr. Team

Playing in Healdsburg for two years has impacted me greatly. Playing for Joey Gomes has helped me improve as a player and person. The development from hitting, fielding, and mental side of the game is something you won’t get playing somewhere else in the country.


In my time playing in Healdsburg I’ve made multiple lifelong friends that I will always keep in touch with. On top of that, playing in the wine country in front of the most passionate collegiate summer baseball fans made it even more enjoyable.


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Packers '22

8th Round Atlanta Braves

My experience in The 'Burg was one I’ll never forget. I was coming in for a stint in between my last college season and the draft and didn’t know what to expect, but it turned into a dream scenario.


Joey went out of his way to set me up for success and get me as much exposure as I could have asked for. On top of that, the team just kept winning which as a competitor was huge for me.


There was always an electric atmosphere firing me up and making me feel like I had been part of the community for years.


All-in-all The 'Burg was an amazing chapter in my baseball career and has for sure helped me get to where I am today.


University of Missouri
2019 Missouri All SEC
Packers '21, '22 
35th Round Miami Marlins

It’s simple, it’s just not that easy. Joey Gomes has put together an army of pure hitters. Any player who plays under his instruction is taught how to simplify one of the most difficult things to do in all of sports.


From the first conversation I had with Joey I immediately started to gain confidence in always portraying the best version of myself on and off of the field. It’s natural for doubt and tension to overcome a player in the box, and that’s not a secret to those who have played the game for long enough.


Gomes has a natural way of teaching his followers to get out of THEIR OWN WAY, and free up the mind to become the ultimate version of themselves. I couldn’t find any one person who has worked with him and wouldnt say they’ve become a better player because of it. Go to war with him, and you can guarantee he’ll go to war for you when you need it. Find the PartyOutFront®.


University of Houston
Packers '20, '21

2-Time AAC Gold Glove

I spent two summers in The 'Burg and they were without a doubt the best summers of my life.


Getting to suit up with the boys at Rec Park was always exciting and the fans made it very special.


Surrounding myself with great players and great coaches was a huge turning point in my career and it completely changed the way that I viewed the game I had played my entire life.


Going 45-7 in a summer and winning a CCL championship was great but the best part about The 'Burg is the way that the community embraces the team and adopts the players for the summer.


Sold-out games in front of the best summer ball fans in the country makes it hard to not play your best every day!


Elijah Birdsong
University of The Pacific
Packers '19, '21, '22 

18th Round Pittsburgh Pirates

Healdsburg is a team that gets good players and makes them great.


Gomes has created a culture that allows players to gain confidence and build a routine that sets them up for success each day. You can’t get a better summer ball experience.


Playing for Gomes and being a part of a true winning culture will take your career to another level.

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