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"For us, we don’t just consider our Prune Packer player as a visitor---to us, they are family. Being a host family is an incredible way for our three children to develop meaningful relationships that last beyond the baseball season.


From amazing weather, music on the square and delicious tacos, Healdsburg is a special place in itself and our family loved showing our Prune Packer how proud we are of our tight knit community. Enjoying games at Rec Park on a summer evening with other Host Families will always be one of our favorite memories.


We were so lucky to have our player’s family come visit and catch a few games together. Staying in touch because you genuinely care about one another is a testament to how much fun we all had together."
-The Luci Family

"Our family has had the pleasure of hosting a Prune Packer for the past five years. Three of those years, we have had a wonderful young man named Morgan live with us. He has become a member of our family, and we call him our bonus child!


Over the last three years life has thrown us a few curveballs and Morgan has always been willing to help out and support us, especially Jacob and Makenna with whatever was needed. His dedication to baseball has helped our son, Jacob, fall in love with the game even more.


I can honestly say our lives are forever changed for the better because we took a chance and hosted a player. Every player we have hosted has been respectful, kind and responsible in our home. We feel truly blessed because baseball has  brought us life long friendships with these young men.  Go Pack Go!!!"

-Kevin and Kellie Wood

"We have been a host family since 2018 and it has been such a great experience for us. Each of the players we have hosted have become part of our extended family and we still keep in touch with all of them. Our boys were 5 when we started and it’s been so fun for them to have a big brother in the house every summer.


Even as the kids have gotten older, the excitement and cool factor hasn’t lost its luster. Summer in our household has become synonymous with Prune Packer baseball and you can find us at the ballpark for pretty much every home game. Go Pack Go!"
-Paul, Monica, Wyatt & Jackson Smith

"Imagine living with Randy Johnson or Mark McGuire for a few months before they crushed it in the MLB. When you host a college baseball player, whether they play for the Healdsburg Prune Packers, Cape Cod or Alaska Baseball League, that is unlikely to happen. Instead, there is greater magic to be made.

A young college student will become part of your family and you won’t want him to leave. You'll hit up many Prune Packer games, but more importantly, bonds will grow--ones that last a lifetime.

With each of our collegiate  baseball lads, we maintain contact, help out when needed. We let them know that although ultimately baseball is just a game, it is important to focus on it and bigger things in the game of life. Those bigger things can last longer  and years down the road deliver unanticipated smiles, genuine friendship and the joy of knowing you helped someone--whether through teaching them to make a Jimtown Burger or navigate some of those difficulties life tosses at folks. We highly recommend becoming a host family."

-Jim, Kristin and Diego Boardman

"We have built lifelong friendships as a result of being a Prune Packer host family, with both players and their families. We’ve hosted eleven baseball players over five years and still keep in touch with almost all of them. This has allowed us to see them play in MLB spring training, regular season and playoff games!

While it’s a whirlwind of a schedule for two months in the summer, not to mention a lot of cooking, it’s a very rewarding experience. We wouldn’t hesitate to host again in the future."

-Bradley Harmon

"Having never had a son, nor a stranger living in our house we were a little apprehensive about hosting our first Prune Packer. We are now devotees of being a host family for the team. We’ve had two Packers live with us (one player stayed with us twice) and still are in touch with them both. While not on the road, at practice or a game, both guys eased into life at home, were polite and were helpful around the house. They bring a new energy to our lives and knowing players make going to the Prune Packer games so much more enjoyable. They’re our “Summer Sons” and are always welcome back to their Summer Home."
-Geri and Andrew Biehl

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