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Packer Pros

"Under coach and GM Joey Gomes, the summer baseball club has become an ever-growing hub that’s showcasing and producing some of the best talent of tomorrow."
--Press Democrat

Jared Sundstrom, 10th rd, Seattle Mariners
Sam Brown, 12th rd, Los Angeles Angels
Blake Pivaroff, 19th rd, Detroit Tigers
Cole Elvis, Minnesota Twins (UDFA)
LJ McDonough, Atlanta Braves (UDFA)
Devin Kirby, Minnesota Twins (UDFA)

Connery Peters, Chicago White Sox (UDFA)  


Dylan Beavers, 1st rd Baltimore Orioles

Joe Lampe, 3rd rd Cleveland Guardians

Josh White, 5th rd Miami Marlins

Roman Phansalkar, 7th rd Los Angeles Angels

Jason Franks, 8th rd Atlanta Braves

Torin Montgomery, 14th rd Miami Marlins

Elijah Birdsong, 18th rd Pittsburgh Pirates

Chris Santiago, 18th rd New York Mets

AJ Ehrlicher, 18th rd Boston Red Sox

Cole Stillwell, Colorado Rockies (UDFA)
Will Geerdes, San Diego Padres (UDFA)

Cal Conley, 4th rd Atlanta Braves

Ian Villers, 8th rd San Francisco Giants

Quentin Selma, Los Angeles Angels (UDFA)


*Andrew Vaughn, 1st rd White Sox

Arman Sabouri, 12th rd Milwaukee Brewers

Ryan Shreve, 18th rd Minnesota Twins

Cameron Warren, 22nd rd Cincinnati Reds

Bryan Arias, 28th rd Houston Astros

Grant Little, 2nd rd San Diego Padres

*Joe Ryan, 7th rd Minnesota Twins

*Steve Wilson, 9th rd San Diego Padres

Jake Ackerman, 26th rd Los Angeles Dodgers

Trevor Horn, 38th rd San Francisco Giants

Cooper Casad, San Francisco Giants (UDFA)

Alec Rennard, Pittsburg Pirates (UDFA)

Jake Scheiner, 4th rd Philadelphia Phillies

Marcus Chiu, 15th rd Los Angeles Dodgers
*Robert Garcia, 15th rd Kansas City Royals

Tyler Friis, 21st rd Cleveland Indians

Jordan Scheftz, 23rd rd Cleveland Indians

Jake Steffens, 28th rd Chicago Cubs

Austin, Guibor, 30th rd Washington Nationals

Phil Caulfield, 32nd rd Washington Nationals

Kenny Corey, 36th rd Milwaukee Brewers
*Raymond Kerr, Seattle Mariners (UDFA)
*Jason Alexander, Los Angeles Angels (UDFA)

*Anthony Bender, 20th rd Kansas City Royals

Ryan Luna, 28th rd Colorado Rockies

Marcus Still, 31st rd Toronto Blue Jays

Francis Christy, 7th rd Arizona Diamondbacks

Daniel Comstock, 18th rd Arizona Diamondbacks

Brandon Poulson, Minnesota Twins (UDFA)


*Played in MLB.

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